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Ian Bousher
Stuff I Did With Words


Title: Jacqueline
Artist: Circa Waves

Title: Active
Artist: Macky Gee

Title: I've Been Blind
Artist: The Fratellis

Title: Seraphim
Artist: Birdeatsbaby

Title: Made An America
Artist: Fever333

Title: Hall of Fame
Artist: The Howl & The Hum


Title: APING
Thing: Short Film

Title: The Duology of Man
Thing: Short Film

Thing: Short Film


Title: Social Media
Client: British Airways

Title: Juicy School
Client: Starburst

Title: Tech Tuesdays
Client: Currys PC World


Thing: My Games
What?: Videogame demos

Title: Lyrics bot
What: Spotify app



You might have guessed that I have a... thing for words.

I like them. They're fun to play with and you won't go blind playing with them. Whipping letters around is a big part of how I spend my days in fact, but I'm not solely a word jockey, my friend. Ohhh no.

Craft was actually my first love. I was raised on glue fumes and- No wait, that doesn't sound right. I made stuff as a kid, I really liked figuring out how things worked and making my own toys, and I still totally do that. These days it supplements the word addiction though, sometimes involving me creating stuff for me, and sometimes coming to life by making props for videos I've written or directed. If we can do it without all those fancy schmancy (*cough*expensive*cough*) visual effects, we will.

I discovered how freaking amazing tech can be early on too, but my enthusiasm is kind of the same as 10 year old's enthusiasm for skateboarding. I know all about it and I can talk about it for hours and hours, but if you ask me to do it I'll sit on the board and nudge myself along with my hands. That's how I made this site actually, scooting forward one meagre shove at a time.

Anyway, coding or crafting it always ends up being about storytelling in some form. In craft, the objects you build tell a story - a visual one, about who owned it, made it, and what it's for - and in coding you get to create games and narratives in yet another way. I love words, but words are just one vehicle I scoot along on to telling stories.

I'm lucky enough to collaborate with some amazing people who share that love of storytelling, whether it's when I'm working on big exciting brands, music videos for amazing artists, or narrative pieces for myself. I'm lucky that I get to use this weird thing I have for words to entertain people. I'm lucky that you read all this way, and I'd love for you to get in touch and play with words yourself (I won't tell your Mum if you don't tell mine).

I'm lucky. Want to get lucky together?


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